Helpworx is a program of the American Youth Council, Inc.  Our mission is to help kids participate in community service and charity. We develop events, programs and products that celebrate young people, and that enable them to help others.

See more at: http://www.americanyouthcouncil.com/


Through large-scale youth programs, charity events for disadvantaged children and our online Resource Center, we have provided help to over 20,000 youth.

Starting in 2019, we are focused entirely on Community Service.  We have learned that when students participate in Community Service/Service Learning they are more likely to stay in school. And to become highly engaged in their community.

We also know that it can he hard for middle and high school students to find places to get their service hours.  That's why we've created Helpworx.  The Helpworx program is an online community service project portal, where young people create ideas to address problems that need solutions.

With the help of adult mentors, they identify a problem to tackle, design the solution, and conduct a Service Learning/Community Service project with it.  

We provide all the materials for the project, help you find organizations and partners in your area to work with on the project, promote it on Social Media, and when the project is completed, the students earn both Community Service hours from AYC, and we log their hours for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. 


So start the process by sending us the Community Survey form on the Build Your Project page.